Experiential MarketingExperiential Marketing: An Essential Part of Brand Building and Success

Experiential Marketing: An Essential Part of Brand Building and Success

Experiential marketing is a marketing approach that gives consumers, a unique experience with the brand. With experiential marketing, brands can appeal to the emotional side of the consumer and provide a positive sense of feeling about the brand. The consumer is directly engaged and a personalized connection between them and the brands which can result to creating a special affinity to the brand and product offering is developed.

Brandlife Limited, as a marketing agency, has been innovative in designing and executing experiential campaigns for organizations. The company’s pay-off line ‘Bringing brands to life’ is demonstrated in the experiential the company provides its clients.

Experiential activities are consumer-centric, place a huge focus on creating memorable brand experiences – all of which could be achieved through events, sponsorship campaigns, product activations, product samplings, etc. We at Brandlife can provide these activities to the customers on behalf of the brand.

Experiential Marketing develops Brand Loyalty – Case Studies.

Brandlife Limited has deployed quite a number of experiential campaigns. For each of these campaigns, customers were interviewed about the activity and their feedbacks were penned down. A considerable number of customers say that the brand made them feel like they were their only customer which in turn projected the positive elements they felt about the brand and made them build loyalty to the brand and products.


  • Ink Tank Small & Medium Business (SMB) Activation: Brandlife Limited went all out to create a roadshow activation for the HP Ink Tank Printer. The truck had an experience photo booth where customers were shown how to use the printers and print using their phones through the HP SMART APP (mobile App). Customers were photographed and their pictures printed with the printer. Every customer engaged went home with an image printout of themselves and gift items.
  • Be Free to Create Campaign:A mix of experiential marketing and influencer relations. Top music celebrity, Rema, was projected as the face of the online, out of home and instore marketing campaign for the HP Pavilion x360 PC in Nigeria. Fans were given the privilege to hangout instore with the musician, purchase a PC and stand a chance to win amazing offers via lucky dip draws done by the singer himself. The idea was to get a celebrity that the product target audience could relate with and love. By so doing, the target audience would want to use the product. A feedback from the store that stood out was that individuals were requesting for the exact colour of laptop; Rema was pictured using in the campaign collaterals – flyers, billboard etc.
  • Intel Ultimate Gaming Experience:A gaming booth was created in a mall with high footfall traffic and individuals were invited to register and battle themselves in a FIFA competition. The top three winners were awarded with fantastic prizes and were very delighted with their rewards. The gaming activity was an avenue to showcase the amazing features of the Intel 10th Gen processors and encourage top of mind awareness among the individuals who took part in the activity. It was also s­­trategic to make the favourite sport of Nigerians, football, as the competition activity.
  • Easter Make-a-Wish Promo:Consumers were propelled during the Easter period to purchase any HP Premium PC, the HP Envy or Spectre from HP partner stores and get a raffle ticket to participate in a raffle draw promo to win amazing prizes worth 350,000 naira and also win HP sprocket for purchase of PCs worth $1000 or more. The raffle ticket had details of the customers’ names, phone number, email address, product placement and their “wish”. The consumer was given a copy of the ticket, and a duplicate copy kept by the store. The lucky dip draw was carried out by the store manager, HP staff and instore promoter.
  • More than Milk:Brandlife built experience zones at weddings and events, where customers could get a feel of the different shakes, Loya milk could be used to make. Interested customers also got recipe books to help them make the shakes in the comfort of their homes. Sales were recorded and the couples and individuals present at these events would never forget the remarkable way the brand added colour to their occasion.


Definitely, with the few examples listed above, it can be agreed that experiential marketing displays the human side of a brand. The brand directly interacts with the target audience which propels word-of-mouth marketing. Individuals who engage with the brand go on to share their stories with friends both online and offline. The referrals then result to more customers and an increase in the lifetime value of the customer, since purchase return rate also increases.

Therefore, it is highly essential that for a brand to acquire customers that will possess a strong affinity to the brand and continuous loyalty, they must endeavour to remain competitive in the experiential marketing space.

We are sure, tired and tested with relevant experience and capacity that this can be achieved by hiring the best experiential marketing agency that can provide quality executions, worthwhile activations and lifelong immersing experiences for the consumers.

Think Brandlife Limited as your go-to experiential marketing agency!

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